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August 17, 2009

CREATION: General Resources

These are general Creation resources. Because not all of the resources throughout the Unit Study will be Creation based, I suggest getting a few of these resources to use as well.

  • The World God Made, by Donna Cooney
  • The Circle of Days, by Reeve Lindbergh
  • Genesis for Kids: Science Experiments that Show God's Power in Creation, by Doug Lambier and Robert Stevenson
  • All Things Bright and Beautiful, by Cecil Francis Alexander
  • The Illustrated Jewish Bible for Children
  • The God Code: The Secret of Our Past, the Promise of Our Future, by Gregg Braden (for older students)
  • The Creator and the Cosmos: How the Greatest Scientific Discoveries of the Century Reveal God, by Hugh Ross (for older students)
  • The Seven Days of Creation, by Leonard Everett Fisher
  • The Creation: A Poem, by James Weldon Johnson
  • Tell Me the Story, by Max Lucado
  • Genesis and the Big Bang: The Discovery of Harmony Between Modern Science and the Bible, by Gerald Schroeder (for older students)
  • The Story of Creation: Words from Genesis, by Jane Ray



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