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August 18, 2009

CREATION: Week 1 (Day 1), Light and Dark

Read and Write Genesis 1:1-5 (use as Memory Verse)
Find and write at least 2 Scriptures with each of the following words:

Define the following words:

Use Thesaurus to find at least two synonyms for each word.

Handwriting practice should be used when writing Bible verse and doing Vocabulary.

Mathematics Enhancement Program

You have two choices:

  1. Use Scott Foresman Grammar books,
  2. Use the Scott Foresman Grammar books to create your own Unit study related work.

If you are knowledgable enough in Grammar, I suggest creating your own Grammar worksheets to coincide with the theme of the unit study. I use the Scott Foresman books simply to stay on track, but create my own worksheets based on the theme.


Jewish History
No need to study the ENTIRE Jewish History. Just pick one span of time and study the history within that time period.

Jewish Calendar
Jewish Calendar Converter (convert our current Gregorian date to the current Jewish date)
Jewish Calendar Image

Even if your children don't know a second language, introducing them to it is always a good makes it easier for them to learn later on.

Read and Write Genesis 1:1-5 from Spanish Bible (or whatever language you choose)

Pick from one of the items in each category. Or look through your local library's catalog to find your own.

There are more experiment books listed than simple reading books because I feel children learn concepts best by practicing them. But of course you do still need a book that will EXPLAIN WHY the results of the experiments occur.

I also suggest doing some reading and an experiment each day this week.

*DISCLAIMER: Not all resources are from a CREATIONISM viewpoint, some are evolution-based.


  • Color and Light, by Barbara Taylor
  • Light and Sound, by Michael Goldsmith
  • What Do You See & How Do You See It?, by Patricia Lauber



  • Awesome Experiments in Light and Sound, by Michael A. Dispezio
  • Rainbows to Lasers, by Kathryn Whyman
  • Experiments With Light and Mirrors, by Robert Gardner
  • Science Magic With Light, by Chris Oxlade
  • Light Fantastic, by Philip Watson
  • Exploring Light, by Ed Catherall
  • Exploring Light, by Breanda Walpole
  • The Science Book Of Light, by Neil Ardley
  • Diffraction (website)
  • Blue Sky (website)
  • Afterimage (website)
  • Glue Stick Sunset (website)


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